Window Replacement

Window Replacement by All Service Glass in Portland, OR
All Service Glass has the expertise needed to replace broken glass windows for homes and commercial establishments. Our glaziers provide glass window and door replacement services for:

  • Curtain Walls
  • Plate Glass
  • Painted and Anodized Aluminum

All Service Glass has what it takes to meet your glass window and door replacement needs. Whether you are looking to replace all windows with low-E, energy-efficient models or install a customized shower door, we can finish your glass project on time and on budget.

Foggy – Fogged dual – double pane windows. There are basically two causes of seal failure resulting in “foggy or fogged windows”.

The first cause of these foggy windows is the continued soaking of “rain”, “roof”, or “hose” water that shows up as evaporated water (moisture) trapped under the glass unit.

This trapped water breaks down the sealant between the two items of glass and then works its way to the inside of the window. This moisture is the “fog” in “foggy – fogged windows.

The second cause of foggy – fogged dual pane windows, which seems to be the most common cause of the failure, is what is called Solar Pumping.

The changing of temperature from day to night and back, causes a change of the air pressure inside the window every day and night.

This constant change of pressure, more during the day and less at night causes bits of moisture to be trapped inside of the window which after a few years of contained wetness to the window insides, results in a “fog” lurking inside of the window, making cleaning near to impossible.

We can help you here with your foggy window problems, as we have more than 17 years of expertise with glass and window replacements.

Our glaziers have the experience and knowledge to meet your window replacement needs, and can provide you with accurate information, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Window Products

We provide quality vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum replacement windows and doors. We carry a full line of products from leading companies such as Milgard, Weather Shield, Andersen, Pella, Cascade, Therma-Tru, Traco and Marvin.

Our products are made from premium materials, and have a lifetime warranty and do not need time-consuming puttying, scraping and painting. Just wiping the frame with some soap and water will keep them clean.

We are experienced in meeting all local and state building codes and are licensed, bonded and insured. We put you first and work professionally to offer quality commercial and residential glass service.

Benefit from our years of field expertise and contact us for a free consultation and estimate of your project. Once we are done, it will look as good as new and will surely make you happy.


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