School Window Replacement

School window replacement by All Service Glass in Portland OR Gresham TroutdaleAll Service Glass is a company that can perform school window replacement and repairs across the Portland area. If you operate a school, then you know how important it is to create a safe learning environment for students. You can discuss your needs with one of our experienced team members, and we might even recommend a window option just for you.

The commercial windows that our company carries can serve several purposes: to increase energy efficiency, add to curb appeal, and boost security. To help your school save money on its energy bills, consider our double-pane windows. To reassure parents and students, you could consider windows with a warm, inviting look. For safety’s sake, consider one of the following:

Safety glass
Fire-rated glass
Bulletproof glass

It’s unfortunate to have to speak of things like bulletproof glass for a school, but we know what the reality is like for many.

School Window Repairs

A common issue faced by schools is vandalism. Perhaps someone threw a rock through a window or defaced it with paint. Whatever the cause, our team will quickly repair them. In cases where the window is beyond repair, we recommend a school window replacement. A newer window will be better at resisting future acts of vandalism.

Some windows become inefficient because of poor sealing. That’s why one of the repairs we can perform is re-sealing.

School Glass Door Repairs

School glass door repairs are also no problem for us. If you need the glass replaced, you can feel confident working with our team, which includes licensed and bonded glaziers on staff. After carefully removing any broken or cracked glass, we can easily fit new glass on to your doors. We can even recommend a stronger glass than you originally had. We can also install new frames and inserts.

School Glass Door Replacements

When the time has come for a complete school glass door replacement, look to us because we carry a wide selection of:

Aluminum doors
Wood doors
Automatic glass doors

Replacing doors always presents an opportunity to make the school more aesthetically pleasing, so you can ask our advice on what material will fit the best.

We schedule appointments for the evening or the weekend. Give us a call today, and once we’ve determined the extent of your project, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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